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Our kiwi's fast-growing, deciduous vines produce sumptuous, nutritious fruit. Less aggressive than other kiwi varieties, Prolific is easily trained and ideal for trellises or fences. Unlike most kiwis that require a male and female to produce fruit, Prolific is self-fertile and will independently yield delicious, grape-sized fruit. The plants are extremely durable, hardy, relatively disease and pest-free. Planted in full to part sun, the fragrant, inconspicuous flowers will bloom in early summer followed by tempting, sweet, smooth-skinned fruit in fall.

The bite-sized, 1 ½ inch green kiwis are just right for snacking. They're sweet, high in vitamin C and fuzzless! Relatively compact vines are well suited for smaller spaces—doubly so, since only one plant is necessary to yield fruit.

Kiwi plants are 1 year old and ship mid April in 3 ½ inch pots. Order early for best availability. Detailed planting information and growing instructions are included with each order, and may be obtained below. Available only within the contiguous US.
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Plant Spacing 8–10'
Plant height 10–12'
Hardiness Zone 4–8
Bearing Age 1–3 years
Ripening Time Fall
Pollinator Required No

Actinidia arguta

Initial Instructions
After unpacking, allow the plant a few days to gradually acclimate to its full exposure. Plant your Kiwi in an area with well-drained, not soggy soil. Prolific appreciates protection from the sun during the hottest part of the day.

Kiwis are generally vigorous growers, and require strong support to hold up the plants. A sturdy trellis or arbor at least 6-7 feet tall should provide adequate support. Pruning is not required to produce fruit, but will not hurt the vines. You may find some pruning helpful in training the plant to grow on its support structure. Bear in mind that this plant produces blooms and fruit on last year’s wood, so don’t prune all of the previous year’s growth if you expect to harvest fruit. Keep the soil moist for the first year to establish the plant.

Pests & Diseases
Kiwis have suffered no significant pest or disease problems in North America.

Soil Type
Adaptable to a wide range of soil as long as it is well drained.

Light Requirements
Full sun to partial shade.

Prolific is hardy to -25°F.

Bloom Time

Up to 100 pounds per plant.

Chill Hours