Shipping Info

Shipping, Packaging & Insurance
This is our flat fee of $8.95 which is applied on ALL ORDERS other than those for gift cards only or live transplants only. We will ship your order via USPS, FedEx or UPS; our choice. Always be sure to include a physical address so there are no delays in processing & shipping your order.

Guaranteed Ground
To guarantee that your order will ship ground, there is an additional fee of $4.75. This applies to your first shipment only. Additional shipments will be sent by USPS, FedEx or UPS; our choice.

Optional 3-Day Express delivery
Optional 3-day delivery is available on seed orders of 8 ounces or less, for an additional fee of $12.25. If your order contains seed weighing more than 8 ounces, or any other item, please call for a price quote. Sorry, this service is not available outside the continental US. Orders must be placed by Noon Pacific Time (weekdays) by phone or website for it to be processed the same day as placed. We must have a physical address for 3-day delivery.

Rush Delivery
One or two day services are available within the United States. Please contact our office at (800) 626-0866 for a price quote. Rush Delivery orders must be placed by Noon Pacific Time to guarantee same day shipment. We must have a physical address for Rush Delivery.

Alaska & Hawaii Customers
Please call for freight costs on heavier weight items. Insects and fruit-bearing plants are not available to Hawaii. Our live transplants are also not available to Alaska & Hawaii. We ship via US Mail to AK & HI--the website still requires a physical address at check-out; we apologize for any inconvenience. If you have a Post Office Box for your US Mail delivery, we will send your order there.

Extra Shipping Charges For Heavy Gardening Accessories
Extra shipping charges only apply when a garden accessory weighs 3 pounds or more. The items affected will have weight symbols on the product detail page. The actual shipping charges will be available at checkout. For an estimate on extra weight shipping charges, please see the chart below:

Total Weight  Add
3-5 lbs $9.30
6-10 lbs $13.70
11-20 lbs $21.65
21-30 lbs $26.55
31-50 lbs $32.75
51-75 lbs $48.45
76-100 lbs $69.75

Orders to Canada
Orders to Canada must be placed over the phone (800-626-0866). We are currently only shipping items under 8 ounces to Canada. For 1-30 packages of seed there will be an additional fee of $23.95 plus the Shipping, Packaging & Insurance fee charged on all orders of $8.95. For 31-100 packages of seed there will be an additional fee of $33.95 plus the Shipping, Packaging & Insurance fee charged on all orders of $8.95. Non-seed items are not available for shipment outside of the USA. We ship to Canada via US Mail, ONLY. All Canadian orders are subject to hold pending credit card verification.

International Orders
We are unable to ship internationally at this time.

Live Transplants
Our plants are available individually in 2 1/4 inch pots! At Territorial you don't have to buy 6 plants of each variety, you can mix and match your plants just the way you want.

When you order our transplants you will receive the same quality and selection that our customers have learned to expect at our retail store. Transplants are the perfect solution for gardeners pressed for time, or who simply prefer to have Territorial start their plants. With transplants you can economically grow a superb selection of vegetables, flowers, and herbs; all you need to fill your garden with summer goodness. Plants are available individually. For the best shipping value, order any combination of 6 plants. Our shipping costs are based on the number of pots per ship date, so multiple ship dates need to be calculated individually when using the table below.

Shipping cost estimate:

Plant Quantity Price Plant Quantity Price
1-3 $13.75 91-96 $78.70
4-6 $16.90 97-102 $80.15
7-12 $22.10 103-108 $81.75
13-18 $26.25 109-114 $96.95
19-24 $30.65 115-120 $98.35
25-30 $34.25 121-126 $101.95
31-36 $37.05 127-132 $105.45
37-42 $42.35 133-138 $106.30
43-48 $47.45 139-145 $107.55
49-54 $52.85 146-151 $122.90
55-60 $53.90 152-157 $126.95
61-66 $54.35 158-163 $129.35
67-72 $55.65 164-169 $131.55
73-78 $71.05 170-175 $133.55
79-84 $72.45 176-181 $135.35
85-90 $75.95 181+ $148.40


Note: Your shipping charges may differ slightly depending on your location. All shipping costs are calculated during the checkout process. If placing an order for more than 181 pots, the website will only give you a guesstimate figure - we will have to manually calculate when order ships.

Perfect Delivery Guarantee
We guarantee your plants will arrive in perfect condition at the physical street address given on your order. Sorry, we cannot guarantee orders for which we are given an incorrect address.

Plants are shipped Monday through Thursday and arrive at your door Thursday, Friday or Saturday of the same week.

Ship Codes
(A) Ships first half of April-Order Must Be Received By: March 1
(B) Ships last half of April-Order Must Be Received By: March 15
(C) Ships first half of May-Order Must Be Received By: April 1
(D) Ships last half of May-Order Must Be Received By: April 19

• We reserve the right to alter the shipping dates due to weather.
• Remember, plants are living things and don't always follow schedules!
• We do our best to ship strong, healthy plants right to your door on time.
• Before shipping, each transplant is hardened-off in the crisp night air of our short season farm. When they arrive at your door, they're ready for your garden.

Important Reminders When Ordering:
•If mailing your order to us, please use the Transplant Order Form located in the back of your catalog.
•Choose a Ship Code.
You must include a physical street address as plants can not be shipped to a PO Box.
Available only within the contiguous US.