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90 days. These unique sweet potato varieties will bring all new flavor and texture to your culinary creations. Includes two plants of each of the following varieties:
O’Henry: O’Henry’s creamy-white interior is delicious and succulently moist. This tasty variety has the lavish texture of an orange/red tuber, but with a beautiful, pale interior and light-colored skin.
Beauregard: The answer for gardeners in cooler growing conditions where other sweet potatoes won’t normally prosper. This classic, red-skinned, orange-fleshed variety tolerates a range of growing conditions successfully, yielding large tubers that are moist and sweet.
Purple: A gorgeous and extra nutritious addition to the varied range of sweet potato varieties. Purple, as its name implies, is bright purple outside with vibrant amethyst, tie-dye streaked flesh. Even when cooked, this brilliant coloring remains.

Sweet potato plants ship late April or late May. The plants are in 3 ½ inch containers. Available only within the contiguous US. Sorry, not available to CA.




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Soil Temp for Transp 65°F
Plant Spacing 16-18"
Row Spacing 12-24"
Fertilizer Needs Medium

Ipomoea batatas Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of vitamin A. Although sweet potatoes and yams look alike, the yam is from a subtropical shrub that is native to Africa, while the sweet potato is from the American morning glory family.

Days to maturity are calculated from date of planting.

• Sweet potatoes should be planted in the garden when the weather has stabilized in late spring and nighttime temperatures are above 60°F
• The use of low tunnels or cold frames is highly recommended in cooler climates and northern states with shorter seasons
• Rototill or fork in a 2 inch thick layer of compost and bone meal
• Create 6-8 inch high raised beds
• Soil should be adequately draining; water thoroughly every 7-10 days
• Sweet potatoes require up to 1 inch of water per week throughout the season

• Plant slips deeply into raised beds, up to top leaves
• Live plants should be planted even with the soil
• Keep evenly moist until you see new growth
• If the soil temperature is less than 65°F, plant slips in 3-4 inch pots and keep them in a warm location until you can plant outside

Insects & Diseases
• Common insects: Usually pest free
• Common diseases: Scurf
• Disease prevention: Remove all plant debris after harvest and practice good crop rotation

Harvest & Storage
• Harvest prior to first frost after the weather cools in the fall
• To cure, brush off the soil and place the sweet potatoes in a warm, dry area (80-85°F and 80-90% relative humidity) for 7-14 days
• After curing, handle carefully and store them at 50-60°F

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