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Product Description:

Made from 70% sphagnum moss and 30% virgin wool fiber. Peat pots allow plant roots to penetrate the pot walls easily and thus reduce transplant shock. Peel off the rim before setting flush into your garden, or bury the entire container below the soil surface. OMRI listed.
2" Square Peat Pots: Measures 2 1/8 inches deep. (100 pots)
150-2" Square Peat Pots: Three trays containing 50 pots each.
3 1/2" Square Peat Pots: Measures 4 inches deep. (50 pots)
4" Round Peat Pots: Measures 3 ¾ inches deep. (50 pots)
5" Round Peat Pots: Measures 4 inches deep. (50 pots)

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