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Brassica juncea 40 days. The bracing spice of wasabi is one of our very favorite flavors, and we've found that taste once again in this extraordinary mustard. Wasabina's extremely frilly, serrated leaves offer a great textural addition to dishes, and its mild, sweet spice is absolutely delicious. Fully grown, these cold-tolerant plants reach 10 inches tall and wide and are among the last of the mustards to bolt in our winter trials.
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Customer Reviews

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Pierre E.
Fast growing

It does not taste like wasabi but it is fast growing in my AeroGarden and it does not bolt like wasabi arugula. It tastes like a mustard green.

Trav S.
A few leaves liven up a bowl of noodles.

Easy to grow. Good germination rate. Reaches harvest size very quickly. Other than aphids on the flowers, I haven't noticed many pest problems. It does indeed have a taste reminiscent of wasabi, though there is also a notable sweetness at the front end. The spiciness tends to come through at the end. I generally use it raw. Quite good added to soups and noodle dishes like udon, soba, etc. Adds a pleasant kick that dissipates quite quickly, not a lingering heat like chiles. Several plants bolted in fall; the leaves maintained the same quality (no increased bitterness like lettuce). Cheery yellow flowers are popular with pollinators and taste like tiny spicy broccoli. Keeps flowering and producing leaves despite nightly temperatures in the low 30s. I gave it a 4/5 because, while I like the flavor and it is a variety I will continue to grow, I can't see making a whole salad out of this or using it as the main ingredient even in a side, so it seems to lack some versatility (or perhaps I'm just not that creative). Four stars for a tasty, easy to grow, season extending flavoring agent.

Soil Temp for Germ 40–75°F
Seed Depth ¼"
Seed Spacing 1"
Days to Emergence 2–15
Thin Plants to 6–18"
Row Spacing 9–18"
Fertilizer Needs Medium
Minimum Germination 80%
Seeds per Gram 450
Seed Life 3 years

Days to maturity are calculated from date of direct seeding.

• Mustard greens are easy crops to grow if planted in early spring or late summer
• Mustards are best directly sown

Direct Sowing
• Make a furrow 6 inches deep and sprinkle 1/2 cup of TSC's Complete fertilizer per 10 row feet in the bottom of the furrow
• Backfill the furrow and plant the seed
• Thin after second set of true leaves
• Sow July—August for a fall crop

• Start indoors 3-5 weeks before anticipated transplant
• Put out after the danger of hard frost, and use 1/4 cup of TSC's Complete fertilizer around each plant
• For a fall crop: start July—August for transplanting August—September

Insects & Diseases
• Common insects: Flea beetles
• Insect control: Pyrethrin, silver mulch, or row covers at planting
• Disease prevention: 5-7 year crop rotation

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