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Freesia refracta If you are a fan of fragrance, this blend is a must for you! Freesia are among the sweetest smelling flowers, and this vibrantly colored mix produces 18-24 inch long, graceful stems topped with arched strands of trumpet-shaped florets in a rainbow of bright, clear colors. Dress up your late spring containers with these spellbinding blooms, and enjoy their intoxicating perfume indoors in arrangements. Hardy in zones 8-11. Grow as annuals or protect from freezing in colder growing zones.

Bulbs start shipping mid to late February. Available only within the contiguous US.
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  • Key Features:

Hardiness Zone 8-11

Freesia are easy care, fragrant and elegant blooms for garden, container and cutting. In Zones 8 and above, the bulbs can be planted in spring after danger of frost. For an earlier start, plant them indoors in a pot using a standard potting soil. Water well and keep the pot in a sunny window. Place outdoors after the danger of frost has passed. Plant bulbs with the growing points facing upwards. Freesia are happy in garden beds or large containers. For zones colder than 8, the entire container can be overwintered in a protected, frost-free location rather than digging the bulbs at the end of the season.

Plant bulbs 1 inch below the soil surface and space them approximately 2-3 inches apart. The plants produce a long tap root, so choose taller pots if planting in containers.

Soil requirements

Freesia prefer a rich, well-drained soil.

Light requirements

Plant in full sun to part shade. In regions with hot summers, plant in an area with protection from the afternoon sun, as warmer temperatures initiate dormancy.

End of season care
In Zones 8 and above, freesia can be left in the ground. Leave the foliage on the plants to help nourish the bulbs. In colder climates, wait until the foliage yellows, cut off the leaves and dig the bulbs. Allow them to air dry for several days. Store bulbs in peat moss in a cool location (above freezing) until it’s time to repot.

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