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Cupressus marcocarpa 'Wilma Goldcrest' Celebrate in style with this decorated live, Lemon Cypress tree. We’ve added a bit of holiday magic with fairy lights, festive garland, and bow topper to make this the perfect tabletop arrangement or holiday party gift. Best of all, the evergreen tree is hardy in zones 7-10, so it can add a flash of golden chartreuse to your landscape or mixed containers. Keep in a bright window if you’re in a cooler zone.  

A dazzling, compact evergreen with deliciously scented foliage! This dwarf cypress is an ideal container plant with its brilliant glowing foliage, soft texture and the refreshing aroma of lemon when touched. Whether displayed alone as a centerpiece or in a mixed planting, this durable conifer is absolutely radiant. Growing slowly to 6 feet tall and 1–2 feet wide in a handsome columnar form. Drought tolerant once established.  

Ships free! Available for a limited time: order by November 5th. The trees are approximately 20 inches tall (including the pot) and will ship mid-November in a 1-quart container. Available only within the contiguous US.

Please note: Image two showcases a mature Wilma Goldcrest Lemon Cypress growing outdoors in zone 8b.
  • Key Features:




  • Key Features:

Plant Spacing 1-2'
Hardiness Zone 7-10

Cupressus marcocarpa ‘Wilma Goldcrest’

Initial Instructions
After unpacking, test the soil for moisture. Indoors, we’ve found that the Lemon Cypress tends to dry out quickly especially in bright light and low humidity.

Light Strand Operation
At the bottom of the tree you’ll find a white plastic cube with a black button connected to the end of the fairy light strand. Batteries are located inside this box, and the strand has 3 operating modes. The first two modes will cause the lights to flash, and the third mode will illuminate the bulbs steadily.

Your Lemon Cypress is relatively undemanding. It will thrive outdoors year-round in USDA zone 7 and warmer. If you live in a colder region, keep the plant indoors while the weather is cold and locate in a sunny window. Water when the top inch or so of the soil is dry. Never allow the plant to stand in water; excess water should be allowed to drain. Fertilize once with a well-balanced fertilizer in early spring each year. The tree will grow slowly with a nice, compact, columnar habit. Spring is also a good time to up-pot, and we recommend transferring it to a 1-gallon pot to allow it room to grow. Prune lightly if needed in spring to maintain its shape.

Size at Maturity
6-8 feet tall depending on conditions.

1-2 feet

Pests & Diseases
In hot, dry regions Lemon Cypress may be susceptible to coryneum canker, a fungal disease. Prune and destroy affected branches.

Soil Type
Well-drained soil high in organic matter with a pH of 6.6-7.5.

Light Requirements
Full sun to part shade outdoors. A sunny window indoors.

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