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Ilex paraguariensis Yerba Maté has been enjoying a growing popularity in the US as a tea and nutritional supplement thanks to its effects including the uplifting strength of coffee, the health benefits of green tea, and the joy of chocolate. Attracting the attention of the scientific community, it's been shown that there is much truth to its claims! According to medical studies, tea made from the dried leaves and stems of the Yerba Maté plant has a vast number of health-promoting compounds. This South American native shares the holly genus, and has been used by indigenous peoples for generations. The plant is evergreen, easy to grow, and can be harvested continuously for its leaves and stems. Although it’s a sub-tropical plant, it's simple to cultivate in a container. In zones colder than 9, bring the plant indoors to a bright window during the cold months.

Yerba Maté plants ship at the end of April/beginning of May in 3 ½ inch pots. Order early for best availability. Detailed instructions are included with each order, and can be found below. Available only within the contiguous US.
  • Key Features:




  • Key Features:

Hardiness Zone 9 and warmer

Initial Instructions
After unpacking, allow the plant a few days to gradually acclimate to full exposure. Select a location in full sun to part shade. In hot regions, give the plant some protection from hot afternoon sun. If you’re keeping your plant in a container, up-pot to a 6-8 inch pot and use a good quality potting mixture.

Yerba Maté is a low-maintenance, evergreen plant and thrives in containers or the landscape. Water regularly to keep the soil moist but not soggy; do not let it dry out. Fertilize with a balanced fertilizer in spring. For containerized plants, increase the pot size as the plant grows. Prune to shape as needed, as this will encourage new leaf production. Use the pruned leaves and stems for tea! Protect the plants from frost; bring plants indoors to a bright window during the cold months.

Size at Maturity
Yerba Maté is native to South American rainforests and can reach 50 feet tall or more in its natural habitat. In containers, the plant can easily maintained at 3 feet tall or under depending on the container size and pruning habits.

Pick leaves and use fresh or dried and crushed. Make a refreshing, antioxidant-rich tea using 3-6 grams of leaves steeped in a cup of hot water. Add lemon or milk, and sugar to taste.

Pests & Diseases
Yerba Maté is naturally resistant to pests and isn’t typically bothered by disease.

Soil Type
Rich, well-drained soil.

Light Requirements
Full sun to part shade.

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