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Coriandrum sativum 65 days. Most gardeners resort to successive plantings of coriander seed if they want lengthy harvests of fresh cilantro, but Calypso is changing that! The slowest bolting variety we’ve found, it consistently holds 3 weeks longer than our most popular variety. This robust grower produces lots of deliciously clean-flavored leaves for fresh tasting dressings, dips and sauces. Approximately 110 seeds per gram. Germination code: (2)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Still growing in DECEMBER!!!

I planted Calypso along with another Slow Bolting Cilantro in a raised bed in the Spring. Even with a couple of heatwaves with temperatures over 100 degrees, Calypso never really bolted much and continues to provide Cilantro even in December. Frost will probably kill it but I'm looking forward to planting more next year. In my experience, Calypso is the BEST Cilantro yet.

Colleen V.
Great cilantro

It took it a bit to get started but it grew very well and considering the heat this summer I was surprised at how long it took to bolt.

Cheryl C.
Calypso cilantro

Truly lived up to your description in catalog! We had a very harsh windy dry summer in my part of the PNW. This variety truly did not bolt for many weeks. Was able to keep using it long after any other variety I've ever gotten before! Thank you! Will definitely order again.

best cilantro I have grown

Territorial said it was slow bolting, but I never expected the plants to last from June to November. Not only did it not bolt, but it withstood the first few frosts without being covered. It definitely has better flavor than store-bought cilantro, and I think the flavor is better and more consistent over the season than other varieties I have grown.

Herbs feed the palate and the soul! They add color and contrast to the landscape, perfume our homes, heal our wounds, and tantalize our taste buds. They are easy to grow. Whether in the garden or on the windowsill, learn their likes and dislikes, and you'll be rewarded with flavor and beauty.

Germination Codes
Check the code at the end of the description for specific germination requirements.
(1) Germinates at temperatures between 60-75°F.
(2) Larger seeds need to be covered with soil at least as thick as the seed itself. May be slow and erratic to germinate.
(3) These seeds need a period of cold stratification for successful germination. Best results are obtained when the seeds are kept warm and moist for 2 weeks followed by temperatures of 33-35°F for 4-6 weeks or until germination starts.
(4) No special requirements, but germination may be slow and erratic.

• Fertile, well-drained soil provides the best results• Harvest and fertilize regularly to encourage vegetative growth
• Apply 1 cup of TSC's Complete fertilizer per 5 row feet, and 1 inch of compost
• For leafy herbs snip off flower buds as they appear

• Start seeds 6-8 weeks before anticipated transplant date
• Small seeds (thyme, savory, marjoram, oregano) can be gently pressed onto surface of the soil—don't cover or bury seed
• Fertilize with Age Old Grow every 10-14 days for optimum growth
• Small seedlings such as thyme, savory and sweet marjoram may be successfully transplanted in small clumps
• Hardy herbs can be transplanted after the last frost
• Transplant tender herbs after last frost when weather has stabilized

Harvest & Storage
• Fresh use: Harvest only as needed
• Drying: Harvest at peak maturity, hang small bunches from ceiling in a dry, warm (80-90°F), dark location with good ventilation for 1-2 weeks
• Distilling: Harvest when blooms are just beginning to appear; at this point the leaves contain the highest level of essential oils

What is a seed disk?
We’ve selected a collection of our favorite herb varieties and put them into handy, easy to plant, biodegradable disks. Each 10 cm disk is sized just right to conveniently plant in a 4 inch pot. For windowsill, patio and even herb garden planting, lay the disk on the surface of the moistened planting medium and cover lightly. Water and watch your herbs grow. These disks are a great gift or a perfect child's gardening project.

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