Welcome Customers of Stokes Seeds

We are honored to have been chosen by Stokes Seeds to act as their exclusive home garden seed and plant supplier.

Due to changes in the marketplace, Stokes Seeds can no longer offer seeds and supplies to home gardeners in the United States. When the need for this change became apparent, Wayne Gale, Owner and President of Stokes Seeds, sought out an experienced and trusted seed company to partner with for this transition. Having known Tom & Julie Johns, owners of Territorial Seed Company for many years, working with them was the perfect fit.

"I have known Tom and Julie for many years and have visited the Territorial Seeds facility in Cottage Grove. They have a great operation and great people that are dedicated to providing a quality product and quality service. Our loyal customers will find many of the same varieties we provided in packaging suitable for home gardeners plus some of their exciting exclusives. I know our customers are in good hands with Territorial Seeds." - Wayne Gale

We at Territorial Seed look forward to carrying on the tradition of Stokes Seeds of offering the highest quality seeds to home gardeners, and helping them be successful in the garden all year long.

"Julie and I learned a lot about the seed business from the Gales while young and wet-behind-the-ears back when we started, and have always known Stokes Seeds to be one of finest seed suppliers in North America. I am very humbled that Wayne asked us to be their exclusive referral source for their home garden customers as Stokes in the U.S. makes the transition to entirely commercial grower sales. We will strive to provide the high-quality seed and customer service that Stokes Seeds customers are accustomed to." - Tom Johns

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