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Ilex vomitoria North America’s own caffeine source! Yaupon is a type of holly, a broadleaf evergreen, that is native to the southeastern US. Indigenous tribes valued the plant for its stimulating quality, but the plant fell into obscurity after colonists introduced tea (Camellia sinensis). More recently, Yaupon is enjoying a resurgence of interest. Leaf/stem preparation is simple, and the resulting tea has a mild, earthy flavor profile and can be compared to green or black tea minus the tannins (depending on the processing of the Yaupon leaf/stem). Yaupon’s high anti-oxidant content is an added bonus. The plants are handsome, textural shrubs with dense foliage and minimal fertility requirements. Established plants are drought tolerant, and they tolerate pruning well.

Yaupon plants ship late April to early May in 3 ½ inch pots. Order early for best availability. Detailed planting information and growing instructions are included with each order. Available only in the contiguous US.
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Customer Reviews

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Nice little plant

The plant that arrived came in great shape and handled being transplanted into the ground fairly rapidly very well. Although the weather here has been favorable for transplants of late and my selective use of a covering for the plant for the first few days, it is obvious this Yaupon was allowed to acheive a very good amount of growth and was well cared-for before it was sent to me. Highly considering buying another - awesome.

Plant Spacing 10-12'
Plant height 12-25'
Hardiness Zone 7b-9
Bearing Age 2 years
Ripening Time Year-round
Pollinator Required No

Initial Instructions
After unpacking, allow the plant a few days to gradually acclimate to full exposure. Select a location in full sun to part shade. In hot regions, give the plant some protection from hot afternoon sun. If you’re keeping your plant in a container, up-pot to a 6-8 inch pot and use a good quality potting mixture.

Yaupon is a low-maintenance, evergreen plant and thrives in containers or the landscape. Water regularly to keep the soil moist but not soggy; do not let it dry out. Fertilize with a balanced fertilizer in spring. For containerized plants, increase the pot size as the plant grows. Root-pruning when up-potting will help keep the plant happy. Remove suckers that appear from the roots unless you prefer your plant to grow to a shrubby thicket. Prune to shape as needed, as this will encourage new leaf production. Use the pruned leaves and stems for tea! In zones 6 and colder, protect the plants from frost; bring them indoors to a bright window during the cold months.

Size at Maturity
Yaupon is native to the Southeast United States and can reach 10-20 feet tall or more in its natural habitat. In containers, the plant can easily maintained at 3 feet tall or under depending on the container size and pruning habits.

Pick leaves and use fresh, dried, or roasted. Make a refreshing, antioxidant-rich tea using 3-6 grams of leaves steeped in a cup of hot water. Add lemon or milk, and sugar or honey to taste. Female plants may produce berries, which are highly ornamental and offer forage to various wildlife. They are not to be consumed by humans.

Pests & Diseases
Yaupon is naturally resistant to many pests and isn’t typically bothered by disease in its native habitat. Holly Leaf Miner, Spider Mites, Whitefly and Scale can be treated with Pyrethrins or Neem. Various fungal infections can be controlled with Neem. Follow label instructions for treating insects and disease.

Soil Type

Acidic garden soil or acid-loving potting soil for plants in containers. Yaupon prefers a pH of 5-6.

Light Requirements

Full sun to part shade.

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