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Rubus hybrid An introduction from the state where blackberries are king: Oregon! Columbia Star is the culmination of the breeding efforts of Oregon State University and the USDA. It counts the esteemed Marionberry in its lineage, and you can taste it in every rich, sweet, juicy morsel. Very vigorous vines yield excellent crops of huge berries and no thorns means a painless harvest! Zones 5-8. 

Blackberry plants are 1 year old and ship late March in 3 ½ inch pots. Order early for best availability. Detailed planting information and growing instructions are included with each order. Available only in the contiguous US.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Felicity S.
Arrived Dead and Brittle

Unfortunately my both my raspberry and blackberry bush arrived dead and brittle and I tried to rehab them. Finally gave up two weeks later. I’m very sad about this. It’s an expensive error.

So sorry to hear that! The plants should arrive in a dormant state, not dead. Please reach out, so we can help troubleshoot or figure out if we need to issue a refund. Contact our customer service (Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM Pacific Time) at either 800-626-0866 or

Art B.
Great blackberries, worth the price

Those who gave these one star are clearly unfamiliar with dormant plants and the growth potential from healthy rootstock. I planted mine in April and they're vigorous and healthy with abundant growth as we near the end of July. Well worth the price.

Be patient--- the best Blackberries ever

I ordered my plants 2 years ago, and this summer I have the best blackberries I have ever eaten. The fruit is good size, firm, sweet, and delicious. You have to be patient. The fruit grows on second year canes. This is my first experience growing blackberries and it has been awesome. I was disappointed at first with how the plant looked when it arrived, but I stuck with it and they are great.

Seth C.
1 year old means tiny

I echo everyone's critique here. It's my fault for not understanding what a one year old bush meant, but it's highway robbery to charge 23 dollars for it. Folks sell the same sized cuttings on Facebook Market place for less than five dollars. Good, local farmers will sell you a far more mature bush for the same price you'll pay here. Not worth it, friends. Trust me.

Our blackberry plants are 1 year old, dormant plants. We hope you'll still plant it so that you'll have many years of wonderful berry production! As always, our products are backed by our full guarantee. We want you, our customers, to be 100% satisfied with the seed, plants and supplies that you purchase from us. If anything you buy from Territorial proves to be unsatisfactory, we will either replace the item or refund the purchase price (for up to one year from purchase), whichever you prefer. Contact our customer service (Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM Pacific Time) at either 800-626-0866 or

Plant Spacing 3–4'
Plant height 5-6'
Hardiness Zone Listed per variety
Bearing Age 2–3 years
Ripening Time Summer
Pollinator Required No

Rubus spp. Cultivated for centuries, blackberries are prized for their deep purple, glossy fruit that's so sweet and tasty. Packed with a high level of antioxidants, bioflavonoids and Vitamin C. We think our gardeners will love the fruit and appreciate the plants' vigor, productivity and ease of cultivation.

Initial Instructions
After unpacking, allow the plant a few days to gradually acclimate to its full exposure. Plant your blackberry in an area with well-drained, not soggy soil that’s enriched with humus. Initially, apply ½ cup of Territorial’s Complete Fertilizer per plant mixed into the bottom of the planting hole, backfill around the plant and water well. Blackberries appreciate a minimum of ½ day of sun to full sun for best production.

In years to follow, apply ¼ pound of Territorial’s Complete Fertilizer per plant in the spring (before growth starts) and again in May. Maintain good weed control. If using mechanical weed control do not work soil very deep as blackberry roots are shallow.

Blackberries are generally vigorous growers and require support to hold up the plants. A trellis or fence at least 4-5 feet tall should provide adequate support. Our blackberries produces fruit on the 2nd year old canes. After fruiting, the cane will die, and you can prune it back to the ground. In spring, prune the canes to about 5 feet tall to encourage lateral branching and produce more fruit. Keep the soil moist for the first year to establish the plant.

Blackberries are self-fertile.

Pests & Diseases
Generally pest and disease resistant

Soil Type
Adaptable to a wide range of soil as long as it is well drained.

Light Requirements
Full sun to partial shade

Bloom Time
Late spring

Ripening Time

10-15 pounds per plant

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