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Laurus nobilis Also called Sweet Bay, spaghetti sauce and stew aren’t complete without it. The flavor imparted by the leaves complements just about any meat, fish, or poultry dish. Now you can always have fresh bay leaves for your favorite recipes! These aromatic evergreens thrive in rich peaty soil with abundant moisture but are very forgiving when neglected. Bay Laurel is a tender perennial that can get very tall (over 12 feet) in warm climates and stays shrub-like in moderate climates. Hardy in zones 8–11.
Not available to SC.
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Customer Reviews

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Lori W.
Great source for hard to find plants

This is the second bay laurel I've bought from territorial seeds. The first was over 2 years ago and it's doing great!!! Got these one for my friend and it is also thriving! Very happy with the product. I'm in Northern IL and just bring it in to overwinter....still going strong!

Katherine C.
Bay Laurel.

Last year, I bought two bay laurels, one for me and one for daughter-in-law. They were nice looking and took to their new homes well. But I was out of town in Nov.. and wasn't home to bring the plant in for the first freeze. I reordered one to be delivered this spring. It was wet and chilly here, so I put it with my plant starts under the lights. It grew like mad! I've been so pleased with my live plants.

Linda F.
Bay laurel

Have tried and failed twice before. This is the healthiest start that I have received. Have high hopes for success this time.

Anna P.
Bay leaf plant.

Growing very nicely

Our plants are available individually in 2 1/4 inch pots! At Territorial you don't have to buy 6 plants of each variety. You can mix and match your plants just the way you want.

When you order our transplants, you will receive the same quality and selection that our customers have learned to expect at our retail store. For gardeners who are pressed for time or prefer to have Territorial start their plants, our selection of vegetables, flowers, and herbs is an easy and economical way to fill your garden with summer goodness. Plants are available individually. For the best shipping value, order any combination of 6 plants.

Ship Codes
(A) Ships first half of April-Order Must Be Received By: March 1
(B) Ships last half of April-Order Must Be Received By: March 15
(C) Ships first half of May-Order Must Be Received By: April 1
(D) Ships last half of May-Order Must Be Received By: April 15
• We reserve the right to alter the shipping dates due to weather.
• Remember, plants are living things and don't always follow schedules!
• We do our best to ship strong, healthy plants right to your door on time.

Perfect Delivery Guarantee
• We guarantee your plants will arrive in perfect condition at the physical street address given on your order. Sorry, we cannot guarantee orders for which we are given an incorrect address.
• Plants are shipped Monday through Wednesday and arrive at your door Thursday or Friday of the same week. They are not scheduled for transit over a weekend.

Important Reminders When Ordering Plants From the Catalog
• Use the Plant Order Form located at the back of the catalog
• Choose a Ship Code
• Include a physical street address because plants are shipped Fedex
• Plants are available only within the contiguous US

Before shipping, each transplant is hardened-off in the crisp night air of our short season farm. When they arrive at your door, they're ready for your garden. One plant per pot.

Be sure to open your box immediately upon receipt
Upon opening the box you may notice that some of the plants appear wilted. This should not harm the plants. Water the pots and place them in a partially sunny location. If you can't plant them outside immediately, you may want to pot them into a larger container.
Because of the different growth rates of some of the varieties, you may see a difference in sizes.
Plants are shipped Monday through Wednesday and arrive at your door Thursday, Friday, or Saturday of the same week. If the box arrives after the weekend or is damaged, please call Customer Service immediately at: 800-626-0866.

If your shipment is not complete, please refer to your invoice for information regarding backorders or product that is sold out for the season.

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