Rhubarb Growing Guide
Rhubarb Growing Guide
Soil Temp. for Trans. Plant Spacing Row Spacing Fertilizer Needs
45°F 3-4' 4' High

Rheum rhabarbarum Treated as a fruit, this vegetable was used medicinally long before it was popularized in tart desserts and sauces, and is packed with vitamin K, fiber, and antioxidants.

• Prefers an open, sunny place and fertile soil
• Dig in lots of compost or well-rotted manure
• Turn the soil as deeply as possible as it will help the roots grow deeper

• Dig a narrow trench and plant 3-4 feet apart
• Plant root division so that the growing point is just at the soil surface
• Add compost and 1 cup of TSC's Complete fertilizer around each plant in the early spring every year

Insects & Diseases
• Consult your local county extension agent for specific problems

Harvest & Storage
• We suggest not harvesting the first year, allowing the plant to become well established
• Harvest by pulling rather than cutting
• Harvest from the bottom, stalks should be at least 10 inches
• Don't remove more than half the stalks in a summer to allow the plant to build up food reserves
• Cut off flower stalks as they emerge
• Fresh rhubarb stalks can be stored 2-3 weeks at 33°F and 90-95% relative humidity