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Dicentra spectabilis The soul of the old-fashioned shade garden, these reliable, hardy perennials produce enchanting spring displays of heart-shaped blooms on graceful draping stems. This set of 5 roots will produce 3 different flower colors: white, pink, and blood red all with white ‘droplets’. Despite their delicate appearance, these vigorous plants reach 24-30 inches tall, are very easy to grow, deer resistant, and long lasting. Ideal for woodland gardens, shady perennial beds and large planters. Hardy in zones 3-9.

Bulbs start shipping mid February. Available only within the contiguous US.
  • Key Features:


  • Key Features:

Hardiness Zone 3-9

Bleeding Heart are very hardy, easy-care, long-lived, woodland perennials for zones 3-9. The plants emerge in early spring, producing bushy clumps of delicate, green foliage, 30-36 inches tall. Arched sprays of white, pink, or red flowers open in late spring and persist into early summer.

Plant the roots with the crown 1-2 inches below the soil surface and space them approximately 24-30 inches apart.

Soil Requirements
Bleeding Heart prefer well-drained soil. Amend the soil with a layer of composted organic matter dug in to the top 8-10 inches of ground.

Light Requirements
Plant in part shade. Morning sun is best.

Fertilization Requirements
Apply an all-purpose fertilizer in spring when new growth appears.

Cutting Flowers
Bleeding Hearts make excellent cut flowers. Harvest when the bloom closest the ground begin to swell.

End of Season Care
Bleeding Heart are cool-weather plants. Once the weather warms, the plants will gradually die down to the ground. As the leaves begin to turn yellow and die back, cut the stems off at the soil level and allow the plants to go dormant until the following spring.