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Pelagonium peltatum Bring the charm of Switzerland to your summer plantings with these ethereal ivy germaniums. These vigorous plants produce billows of foliage topped by a haze of delicate blooms from summer through the first light frosts of fall. Free-flowering, cascading plants with continuous, self-cleaning blooms make these exceptional in hanging baskets or window boxes on their own or in combination with other sun-loving annuals like petunias. Plants reach 8-10 inches tall and 14-24 inches long. Balcon Shocking Pink displays dazzling, glowing pink flowers over jade green foliage.
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  • Key Features:

Initial Instructions
Carefully remove the plant from its box and plastic sleeve. Please note that the stems are fairly brittle, so be gentle! After unpacking, allow the plant a few days to gradually acclimate to its full exposure. Since ivy geraniums are trailing types, they are well suited for hanging baskets, containers or cascading over retaining walls. Plant in an area with well-drained, not soggy soil that is enriched with humus or in containers with standard potting soil. If you choose to keep the plant in a container, plant it in a 8-12 inch pot.

Ivy geraniums are very easy care plants and will bloom from early spring until frost. No need to deadhead, as the plants are self-cleaning. Water when the top of the soil is dry, and allow any excess water to run off. If the plant stands in water, it could develop root rot and die. We recommend feeding with a bloom fertilizer during the growing season.

Size at Maturity
8-10 inches tall, 14-24 inches wide

Full sun to part shade.

Pests & Diseases

Ivy geraniums are generally not bothered by pests or disease.